Saturday, November 19, 2011

Call "100" to TM Streamyx call center

Problem due to slow internet connection :-
Call 100 to Streamyx call center
1. Provide them your house number (even they already have the record)
2. They will confirm your mobile number
3. Identify them the problem faced
4. Basic troubleshoot :-
- Check your internet modem, whether LAN cable was plug in correctly
- Check on your switch(for more than 1 LAN)
- Check your modem configuration (default :
- Start -> run -> cmd -> ipcofig, check whether do you obtain any ip address
- ping connection
- Check your username and password settings
- Test directly connect phone cable from modem to port, bypass splitter (compulsory step by TM)
- Start -> Control panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Manage network connection, make sure LAN wan enable
5. TM personnel will log in a case and provide you the case number.
6. Call back to them frequently to check the status according to case number.
7. TM technician will contact your house phone.

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